Why not make your own Benedicts Solution?

We all know that Benedict's Solution shows the redox reaction between sugar and copper cations in an alkaline solution. However, did you know you can make your own Benedict's Solution with some everyday Lab items?

  1. Pour 100 ml of water into a beaker and switch the magnetic stirrer on.
  2. Add 17.3 g of sodium citrate, 10 g of sodium carbonate, then, 17.3 g of copper sulfate pentahydrate into the beaker.
  3. Prepare five samples in 5 test tubes. The first sample is water. The second sample is sucrose solution. The third sample is glucose solution. The fourth sample is hydrolysed sucrose solution, which can be obtained by heating a mixture with hydrochloric acid and sucrose, followed by neutralisation with soda. The fifth sample is a mixture of syrup with lemon and lime cordial.
  4. Heat the samples using a water bath.
  5. Observe the change in colour of different solutions which will show different concentrations of sugars