Need a hand managing your Chemical inventory?

As a Technician one of the main challeneges we face on a daily basis is ensuring our chemical inventory is safe and compliant with chemical storage legislation. This blog explains what you can do and how Labexpert may be able to save you time and make your job easier.

Expiry dates on chemicals

We get many queries with regards to expiry dates on chemical bottles and most recently from Technicians having been advised by safety officers to dispose any chemicals that have passed their expiry date.

Not many chemicals used in schools and colleges go off and this is one of the reasons we have not included an expiry date field in our software. Chemicals are expensive and disposal even more so, if your chemical has passed its expiry date on the bottle do a quick test before use and check result.

  • It is good practice to do a quick test before use as a chemical might undergo chemical changes due to different storage conditions, it could react with other chemicals present in the air or in the environment.
    • A chemical might undergo physical changes due to temperature and pressure variations, as well as other conditions like humidity or light or even human factors like contamination.

So Why the expiry date?

The date stamp often refers to the plastic containers used, manufacturers are aware that plastic containers don't have an infinite life, unlike glass. We have all come across plastic containers that have become brittle after a while this can depend on storage conditions such as temperature variations, light and exposure to other chemicals.

Want to find out more about how Labexpert Software can help you manage your chemical inventory efficiently?