1828 – The First Electric Motor is Built

To celebrate our 200th anniversary we are visiting some of the biggest discoveries since 1817. This week we are 1828 and the invention of the electric motor.

The process stared the prior year in 1827 when Anyos Jedlik started experimenting with electromagnetic rotating devices, he named “lightening-magnetic self-rotors”.

The electric motor is something that converts electrical energy in mechanical energy. It works by the magnetic field interacting with winding currents to generate a force in the motor.

So, in 1828 Jedlik was able to demonstrate the first device that had three main components, the stator, rotor and commutator motors. Both the stationary and revolving parts of this were electromagnetic.

The motor can now be found, in full working order, today in the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest.

Join us next week on a similar theme – Electromagnetic is discovered in 1831.