Information about 2,4 Dinitrphenylhydrazine (2,4 DNP)

Due to some media attention around 2,4 dinitrophenylhydrazine (2,4 DNP) recently we have referred to advice given by CLEAPSS so we could provide some useful information about its storage.

This chemical is included in some of the practices for the A-level competencies so technicians are finding old stock in their labs. If it has been stored correctly then there is no reason to be concerned.

If you are concerned about your own stock of 2,4 DNP then it would be advisable to check you have stored it in line with the guidance given by CLEAPSS on Hazcard 30 which you can find on their website.

What do CLEAPSS advise?

We would recommend that you read Hazcard 30 carefully but we have summarised for quick reference:

2,4 DNP must be kept damp at all times. It is a good idea to keep the reagent bottle of damp solid inside a large container with some water in it. If there is no water in the outer container or the reagent bottle has not been placed inside an additional container you must assume that the material has dried out and therefore could pose a risk.

What steps should I take?

If you have stored 2,4 DNP correctly then you do not need to take any action as there is no cause for concern.

If you do think it has not been stored correctly then under no circumstances should you open the reagent bottle. You should call the CLEAPSS helpline on 01895 251 496 to get further advice.

For further information please refer to Hazcard 30 on the CLEAPSS website.