Quarantining school science equipment

If your school is practicing quarantining lab equipment from September, you may need to purchase some extra items to ensure there is enough equipment to effectively quarantine between bubbles. To help, we have put together some special multipack pricing, so you may stock up on the essential equipment for your beneficial science practical at our best prices

Why quarantine school science laboratory equipment?

From September 2020, DFE guidance states that school laboratory resources which are shared between ‘bubbles’ should be quarantined up to 72 hours, or meticulously cleaned. It is not always possible to meticulously clean equipment. Some equipment, for example electronic balances, may be damaged by either mechanical or chemical means during cleaning. Or the quantity of equipment like crocodile clips; and / or the intricacy of equipment such as microscopes simply takes too long for the school science technician team to clean. For these scenarios, quarantining equipment between bubbles offers the most realistic approach.

When quarantining equipment, consideration should be given to storage and racking to store the equipment whilst it is in quarantine. Remember, we can help with extra trays and racking solutions too. Quarantined resources must be clearly marked when they are next safe to use by affixing labels to the trays and arranging the equipment in clear zones to identify when equipment can be next used safely.

For more guidance on quarantining school lab equipment, refer to CLEAPSS GL343 Guide to doing practical work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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