With measures in place changing daily, it’s understandable that many teachers, technicians and school business managers are looking for advice and support during these unprecedented times. We are committed to supporting you and will continue to deliver to schools, nurseries and homes offering next day delivery. All UK all Direct Delivery lead times may vary due to some suppliers not being operational at this time.  If you would like us to still deliver to you, please let us know and we will keep you updated on the status of your order.

Understanding the strain potential closures will bring to families and students across the country, our sister brand Hope Education have compiled a plethora of handy resources to ensure learners are supported with their scientific studies outside the classroom or place of study during this period of unplanned disruption, with minimal fuss and upset to learners and parents alike.

Recognising the unique opportunities presented by this period of home-based learning, Hope Education has created different learning challenges for learners of different ages and abilities. From learning key new skills in the home to highlighting collaborative apps and tips to promote teaching; the education supplier will be releasing new learning tips throughout the closure period on their blog located on their website www.hope-education.co.uk

Some learners, especially those with additional needs, may find this period of home learning away from classroom or place of study quite unsettling. The blog will also detail different ideas to help settle those minds who may need a little extra support during this period with strategies for keeping learners motivated, advice on preparing for exams and much more.

With price surges and empty shelves elsewhere, Philip Harris have promised customers they can be confident the reliable and professional services they’re used to receiving will continue as usual; with telephone customer support and next day deliveries running as planned. The business will continue to sell their science essentials, teacher must-haves and pupil / student favourites at the same prices advertised pre-virus.

Chris Mahady, Managing Director at Philip Harris commented, ‘The COVID-19 virus is presenting many teachers, students, parents and caregivers with challenges we’ve never seen before. During this time of uncertainty, we will continue to support teachers, parents, pupils and students with everything we possibly can.’

With a one stop location to find support, advice and inspiring educational ideas; Hope Education is working side by side with teachers, parents, students and guardians through this experience with COVID-19.