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Rat (Rattus norvegicus) JEM Embalmed

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JEM embalmed Rattus Norvegicus (rat)

JEM Embalming Process

After fixation, specimens undergo a series of treatments to remove residual formaldehyde and replace it with an odourless preserving fluid. After dissection, specimens can be returned to their bags between classes and will not suffer the 'drying-up' effects normally experienced. The preservative is not an irritant to the skin and eyes, so the specimensare safer and more pleasant to handle.

* Please order JEM embalmed specimens for delivery just prior to use. If they are not used with 3-4 days of receipt, remove from bag and transfer to a sealed container containing Opresol presevative where they may be stored for up to three months.

Opresol 1 Litre - B8A69784

Opresol 2.5 Litre - B8A69796

Opresol 5 Litre - B8A69802

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