Sheep Livers - Pack of 2 Pack of two

Sheep Livers - Pack of 2 Pack of two
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Product Description

Sheep Liver - Pack of 2

Fresh specimens available for dissection. All specimens are processed, prepared and stored in the same way as food produced for human consumption. They are sealed in vacuum-packaging, packed in ice, packaged in polystyrene containers, sealed then labelled and dated. They are suitable to freeze.

The fresh parts are superior to the embalmed specimens as they are not affected by any chemical change. They do not have a strong odour and keep their original appearance without any distortion.

All lamb products are Halal certified. All products are sourced only from UK abattoirs with the highest standards of animal welfare in place.

The specimens should be ordered 10 working days before they are required to ensure they arrive on time.

This product can only be delivered to UK mainland.

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