Crime Scene Investigation Kit

Crime Scene Investigation Kit
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A fascinating exploration of the science of criminal investigations. Examine and gather the physical evidence of a crime scene, perform various tests to analyse the evidence, identify the crime's victim through dental records and fingerprints, perform tests to determine the cause of death and analyse evidence to determine a suspect.

Contains enough materials for up to 40 students.

Contents include: inkless Fingerprinting card, poison test strips, Microscope slides, Coverslips,

30ml Anti-A serum, 30ml Anti-B serum, 30ml Simulated crime scene blood sample, Bloodtyping trays, yellow Toothpick, blue Toothpick, Tongue depressors, 250g Casting medium, Pipettes,

Candle, 100ft Crime scene tape, Evidence envelopes, Spot plates.

• 3 x Fingerprinting stickers

• 1 x Poison test strips

• 1 x 60mL Simulated poison

• 1 x 30mL Simulated stomach contents

• 1 x Microscope slides

• 1 x Coverslips

• 1 x 30mL Anti-A seruml

• 1 x 30mL Anti-B seruml

• 1 x 30mL Simulated crime scene blood samplel

• 8 x Blood typing trays

• 10 x Toothpick, yellow

• 10 x Toothpick, blue

• 8 x Tongue depressors

• 1 x 250g Casting medium

• 20 x Pipettes, plastic

• 1 x Tea lights (pack)

• 1 x Crime scene tape, 100ft.

• 10 x Evidence envelopes

• 8 x Spot plates

The crime scene investigation kit covers many scenarios, including:

• Crime Scene One

• Crime Scene Two

• The Music Room Murder

• Fingerprint Records

• Stomach Content Analysis

• Hair Analysis

• Karyotype Analysis

• Tool Mark Analysis

• Fibre Analysis

• Shoeprint Analysis

GBP116 ex VAT
In stock

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