12-base Protein Synthesis Kit

12-base Protein Synthesis Kit
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Product Description

The 12-base contains:

• 3 x Uracil (U) light blue

• 3 x Adenine (A) blue

• 3 x Guanine (G) green

• 3 x Cytosine (C) yellow

• 6 x Ribose (dark red)

• 6 x Phosphate (purple)

• 2 x Amino-acid part

• 2 x Transfer RNA part

The strand moves to the Ribosome where it reacts with another type of RNA called transfer RNA. Transfer RNA has a “cloverleaf”-shaped structure which is represented by a 3-prong unit. Transfer RNA carries an amino-acid specific to the three bases of the anti-codon.

During the process of translation the mRNA temporarily forms base-pairs between the codons and anticodons.

The attached Amino-acid forms a peptide link with the adjacent Amino-acid to form a protein.

GBP10.51 ex VAT

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