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DNA Fingerprinting Made Simple

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Students will solve a crime using real DNA. This ready-to-load kit means you can quickly teach DNA fingerprinting in your class and show your students how DNA evidence is used in modern Forensics. This experiment allows for varied results depending on the selection of DNA fingerprinting patterns.

For 12 lab groups, complete in 45 minutes.

Kit includes:

• Instructions

• Ready-to-load DNA samples

• Aragose Powder

• Practice Gel Loading Solution

• Electrophoresis Buffer

• InstaStain Methylene Blue

• Methylene Blue Plus Liquid Stain

• Microtipped Transfer Pipettes

You will need:

• Electrophoresis Tank

• Power Supply

• Automatic Micro-Pipette with tips

• Balance

• Microwave or Hot Plate

• 65ºC Water Bath

• White Light Visualisation System

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