K'NEX® DNA Replication and Transcription

K'NEX® DNA Replication and Transcription
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Product Description

This set is designed to aid in teaching the structure and function of the nucleic acid molecules that make up DNA and RNA. The set builds up to 19 models, two at a time and includes full student instructions, teachers guide an lesson plans covering the structure of DNA, Replication and Transcription and coding, translation and mutation.

The set includes 521 K’EX pieces and supports 2-3 students working together in a group .Suitable for students 10+ the set is packed in a sturdy storage tray with lid.

Additional copy if needed

• Key concepts

• Molecular basis of heredity

• Chemistry of DNA

• DNA Structure

• The Double Helix

• Enzymatic Control of DNA Process

• Semi conservative replication of DNA

• Translation of DNA code

• Transcription and mRNA Rprodction

GBP45.99 ex VAT

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