Anatomical Leg Muscles

Anatomical Leg Muscles
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This life size model shows the musculature of the human leg in detail. It shows superficial and deep muscle structures, vessels, nerves and ligaments. The model shows foot, lower and upper leg as well as a half pelvis. Supplied with stand and manual.

Single muscles can be removed for closer study:

• Tensor fasciae latae

• Plantar aponeurosis

• Extensor digitorum longus

• Rectus femoris

• Semitendinosus and semimembranosus

• Gracilis

• Gluteus medius

• Gastrocnemius

• Soleus

• Gluteus maximus

• Long head of biceps

• Sartorius

• Size: 1030 x 190 x 170mm

• Weight 9.7 kilo

GBP671.1 inc VAT

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