Urease Tablets Pack of 10 Pack of ten

Urease Tablets Pack of 10 Pack of ten
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Product Description

Urease tablets 10 tabs

Working Concentration - 1 - 2%

pH range - 6 - 9

Temperature range - 20 - 70°C

Substrate - 1 - 2% Urea

Product - Ammonia and CO2

Source - Jackbeans

It’s good practice to store enzymes in a refrigerator (5°C approx). This should give a shelf life of 12 months without significant loss of activity.

All enzymes, as supplied, should be considered as 100% (unless otherwise specified) e.g. Cellulase supplied as 2g powder – 1g in 100mL gives a 1% working solution, or Pectinase supplied as 100mL - 1mL diluted to 100mL gives a 1% solution.

pH - Recommended range for maximum activity

Temperature - recommended range for maximum activity

Working Concentration - dilution of the Enzyme (as supplied) to this level should give an acceptable reation time.

Substrate - substance to be reacted with the Enzyme, and appropriate concentration

Product - substance produced by breakdown of the substrate

Source - origin of the Enzyme

GBP18 ex VAT

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