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A stylish, slim and advanced technology activity monitor. Unlike traditional pedometers, the Tanita PD-724 utilises advanced 3-Axes technology to give a more accurate and reliable fitness measurement. The PD-724 measures and records distance, steps, calorie count and activity time to give you feedback on your daily activities and exercise. It includes a seven-day memory facility so that you can monitor and review your daily and weekly totals. This advanced pedometer also features a ‘fat burned’ measurement and allows you to enter your own targets for increased motivation.

The PD-724 is accurate, convenient and discreet - it does not have to be clipped to a waist band; it is just as accurate when hung from a neck strap, or kept in your pocket or handbag. Other features include a large two-line display for easy viewing on-the-go and a safety alarm.

This easy-to-use, feature-packed pedometer is the ideal choice for those who want to stay motivated and keep track of their daily activity.


• Step counter

• 24-hour clock

• Stopwatch

• Distance (kilometres only)

• Activity timer

• Calorie counter

• Seven-day memory

• Safety alarm

• ‘Fat burned’ feature

• Motion sensitive adjustment

• Easy-to-read two-line LCD Display

• Five-digit reading

• CR2032 lithium battery included

• Silver neck strap with detachable clip included

• Two-year manufacturers guarantee.

GBP34.99 ex VAT
In stock

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