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Clifton Spirometer

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Product Description

A wedge-type spirometer suitable for simple experiments on investigating tidal volumes and breathing rate, or for more advanced use in measuring respiratory rate, pulmonary ventilation, reserve volumes and vital capacity. Oxygen consumption can also be measured.

The tank is a one piece stainless steel pressing housed in a durable painted outer case. The float is contructed from lightweight plastic. The float is calibrated 0 to 7 x 0.5 litres and has a metal counterpoise. The pen arm corresponds to approximately 0.5 litres. The two corrugated breathing hoses 0.8m long are provided with two mouthpieces and a nose clip.

A simple lever control enables the subject to be connected either to atmosphere or to the float for recording. A container for soda lime crystals is fitted that can be used to absorb carbon dioxide.

Internal Diameter = 19mm, External Diameter = 21mm, External Dimensions - W720 x D320 x H239mm.

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