Biological Science Set KIT

Biological Science Set KIT
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Set of 16 slides. Fulfils the requirements of most GCSE Biology courses. The slides have been chosen for the clarity with which they show structures which may be related directly to function. Set comprises:

Mammalian striated skeletal muscle

Human blood smear

Small intestine T.S. injected to show capillaries

Saccharomyces cerevisae (brewer's yeast) budding cells W.M.

Zea (maize) T.S. and L.S. stem

Allium root tip stained with haematoxylin

Mammal neuron motor nerve cells from spinal cord, smear.

Mammal kidney median C.S. (medulla and cortex)

Human squamous epithelium from mouth

Separate smear: Bacillus, Coccus and Spirillum w.m. (Gram Stain)

Allium leaf W.M. epidermis with stomata

Ligustrum (privet) leaf C.S.

Mixed pollen W.M.

Mammal adipose tissue section

Human artery and vein, C.S.

Human scalp, hair shafts, sec.

GBP107.5 ex VAT

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