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Cells, Tissues and Organs Microscope Slide Set

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Set of 13 microscope slides displaying a variety of cell and tissue types in plants and animals, comprising:

Simple animal cells in sec. of salamander liver

Allium root tip L.S. for mitosis (all stages)

Ranunculus (buttercup) T.S. of a typical dicot root

Monocot and dicot stems, two T.S. for comparison

Syringa (lilac) T.S. of a typical mesophytic dicot leaf

Columnar epithelium, T.S. of blind gut from rabbit

Bone and hyaline cartilage, T.S.

Mammalian striated muscle, L.S.

Mammalian smooth muscle, L.S. and T.S.

Lung of cat, T.S.

Human blood smear

Human body skin, L.S.

Young mouse, sag. sec. of entire specimen for all structures

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