Environmental Adaptations of Plants

Environmental Adaptations of Plants
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This set has been assembled to demonstrate specific microscopic adaptations of plants to their environments and habitats, for example stinging cells of nettle, and photosynthetic tissue in C3 and C4 plants. Contents:

Crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM)

C3 and C4 comparative leaf T.S. vascular

Ficus (fig), sunken stomata

Ammophila (Marram grass), T.S. leaf

Erica (heather), Xerophyte leaf

Drosera (sundew), W.M. leaf

Urtica (nettles), T.S. stem stinging cells

Solanum (potato)m T.S. storage stem

Clematis (leather flower), climbing stem

Potamogeton, hydrophyte

Nymphaea (water lily), T.S. floating leaf

Mesophyte and xerophyte leaf

Dendrobium (orchid), aerial root

Cuscuta (dodder), T.S. host to show haustoria

Sambucus (elderberry), T.S. stem lenticel

Sun and shade leaf, Fagus (beech)

Pinguicula (Butterwort), T.S. leaf

Pinus (pine), T.S. leaf

GBP132 inc VAT

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