Human Anatomy Set 2

Human Anatomy Set 2
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This set has been assembled to provide a range of microslides suitable for use in Biology and Human Biology courses. Teaching notes explaining the broad/general features of the slides are included with this set.


Human blood, smear

Phagocytosis in lung

Artery and vein

Trachea, T.S.

Lung,T.S. thin section

Joint, L.S.

Bone, T.S.

Striated muscle, teased

Smooth muscle

Tongue, V.S.

Oesophagus, T.S.

Stomach, T.S.

Small intestine

Colon, T.S.

Plantar skin, V.S.

Sweat glands

Scalp, hair insertion, sebaceous glands

Eye, V.S.

Nerve cells from spinal cord

Myelinated nerve fibres

Spinal cord T.S.



Kidney, V.S. triple stain

Kidney, L.S.

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