Plant Structure I - Angiosperms

Plant Structure I - Angiosperms
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Set of 18 slides demonstrating important structures and processes in angiosperm plants, suitable for most advanced courses. Comprises:

Ranunculus, T.S. mature root

Zea mays, T.S. root

Allium, I.s. root tip for mitosis

Cucurbita, T.S. Is stem

Tilia annual ringed

Zea, T.S. L.S. stem

Buxus, lower epidermis

Ranunculus, L.S. flower

Capsella, L.S. ovule

Triticum germinating seed

Stigma with pollen tube

Pollen grains

Ligustrum, T.S. leaf

Vicia, young root hairs

Lilium T.S. mature anthers pollen

Ranunculus, T.S. stem

Helianthus, T.S. stem old secondary thickening

Zea, T.S. leaf

GBP98 ex VAT

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