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Slide Set What’s in my food

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Set of 25 microscopes slides depicting a wide variety of products relating to food, including plant material, dairy, mould and more. Contents:

Potato tuber T.S.

Wheat flour

Rye flour

Rice starch

Potato starch

Bean, pod with pericarp and seed T.S.


Fresh milk, stained for fat

Sour milk, stained for bacteria

Bacteria from cheese

Mould in spoiled foodstuffs

Coffee bean T.S.

Silvery pellicle of coffee bean

Ceylon tea, leaves T.S.

Paprika, ground

Black pepper, ground

Cocoa powder

Nutmeg T.S.


Ginger, ground

Carrot, storage root T.S.

Soya meal

Corn starch

Tobacco, leaves T.S.

Hazelnut, T.S. stained for fat

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