Plant Hormones Set

Plant Hormones Set
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The study of plant hormones provides a fascinating insight into the way plant growth and development is controlled. This set can be used to demonstrate the role of plant hormones and their use by man, thus experiments on breaking dormancy in seeds, rooting cuttings, killing weeds, preventing leaves from dropping, etc. are included. These experiments are not difficult to perform and many are suitable for GCSE students. Contents:

• Culture Medium (enough to make up 20 Litres)

• Indol-3-yl acetic acid 1.5g

• Lanolin 100g

• Gibberellic acid 0.5g

• 2.4D Herbicide 10ml

• 0.1% IAA in lanolin paste 100g

• Coumarin 5g

• N.A.A. 10g

• 0.01% IAA in lanolin paste

• Thiourea 10g

• Ethrel C 10ml

• Tetrazolium chloride 1g

• Agar 10g

• Teaching notes

GBP115.99 ex VAT

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