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Rapid Cycling Brassica Basic Kit

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Rapid Cycling Brassica rapa (syn. campestris), known as RCBr, has been selectively bred to complete its life cycle quickly under conditions which can be easily set up in the laboratory. RCBr is an excellent model organism to for exploring Mendelian genetics concepts. The kit has been developed in collaboration with Science and Plants for Schools based at Homerton College, Cambridge.

• Seed to seed in 5 weeks

• Produces yellow flowers

• Pollinate with bee-sticks

The kit demonstrates:

• Life cycles

• Reproduction of plants

• Relationship between insects and plants

Rapid Cycling Brassicas need to be grown under 24 hour illumination from a bank of fluorescent lights. The kit does not contain a light bank but the notes include comprehensive instructions for the construction of one from readily available materials. It is supplied complete with photocopiable laminated worksheets.

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