Organic Project Jointed Glassware Set 7

Organic Project Jointed Glassware Set 7
£283.99 ex VAT

Product Description

For preparations on the 150g scale. Contains all the equipment a student is likely to require for project work in preparative organic chemistry. The quantities of chemicals which can be used in the laboratory together with the variety of components allow industrial processes to be simulated.


• Liebig condenser, socket 19/26, cone.19/26

• Air leak tube, cone 19/26

• Receiver adaptor, socket 19/26, cone 24/29

• Cylindrical funnel, 100cm3, socket 19/26, cone 19/26

• Flask, R.B., 50cm3, socket 24/29

• Flask, R.B., 100cm3, socket 24/29

• Flask, R.B., 250cm3, socket 24/29

• Reduction adaptor, socket 19/26, cone 24/29

• Multiple adaptor, socket 19/26, cone 24/29

• Receiver adaptor bent, socket 19/26

• Stillhead, socket 14/23, cone 19/26

• Flask, Erlenmeyer, 250cm3, socket 24/29

• Thermometer pocket, cone 14/23

• Stopper, cone 19/26 (x2)

• Stopper, cone 24/29

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