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Thermocolour Sheet - 30 to 35

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Product Description

Thermocolour sheets are self-adhesive and consist of a thin layer of liquid crystal that has been printed on to a black background. Liquid Crystals are organic chemicals with twisted helical molecular structures, which expand, or contract with increases or decreases in temperature, not unlike a spring. The result is different wavelengths of incident light being reflected from the slightly changing structure, which our eyes see as changing colours. As the temperature increases above a given point the sheet changes from black to red to green to blue. The sheets can be made in a variety of temperature ranges but the most common temperature used in school science projects is 25°C and has a 5°C band-width of green. Liquid Crystal is highly accurate in its temperature reading and completely safe to use in the classroom. These sheets can be used in a wide variety of Science experiments.

The sheet size is 150 mm x 300 mm however you can cut the sheet as most experiments can be conducted using much smallerpieces.

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