Dry Ice Pourer KIT

Dry Ice Pourer KIT
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Product Description

Chillistick have developed a unique dry ice storage system that allows you to keep small amounts of dry ice to hand. The Ice Pourer is a stainless steel canister with amazing insulation properties – it can hold dry ice for over three days! The ice pourer holds around 900g of dry ice. It is a fantastic way of having dry ice on hand and ensures dry ice can be poured without the need to touch the ice with your hand.

Dry ice sold separately.

Due to the characteristics of this product, delivery outside the UK is restricted. Please ring for details.

To create the perfect fog effect add hot water to dry ice in the ratio 1 litre to 200g of ice. The fog can be a small table top effect or something to wow an assembly - just scale up. The white fog created is an aerosol of tiny droplets of water that refracts the light and this is why it's white - just like a real cloud! Add flavoured squash to create a fruit cloud.

The instructions within the Hardware pack show how to make soap bubbles, metal scream, learn about fire extinguishers, hovercrafts, vortex rings and Newtons third law applied to plastic bottle rockets.

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