Quickfit® Microscale Chemistry Kit

Quickfit® Microscale Chemistry Kit
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Product Description

The Quickfit Microscale Chemistry Kit is perfect for experiments with milligram quantities of reagent. It features many products currently offered in standard size Quickfit sets but on a much smaller scale. Most standard organic chemistry techniques may be performed using the Microscale Kit. The kit provides significant benefits:


By reducing the scale of organic reactions you automatically reduce the cost of everything involved.


Using smaller amounts of organic reagents and chemicals makes handling safer. The kit is designed to be used with hot plates and a sandbath, with no bunsen burners present - eliminating the risk of igniting highly flammable liquids.


Can be safely and securely assembled much quicker than the standard kits, saving valuable time. Boiling and cooling times are also vastly reduced. The screwthread connector system also eliminates the need for grease/lubricant to be applied to the Quickfit joint resulting in contamination free reactions. The efficient methods of connection saves on space, and with no need for clamps the danger of glassware becoming loose during experiments is greatly reduced.


Many assemblies can be constructed from the glassware including reflux, distillation, moisture sensitive reactions and fractional distillation. Complete with a range of reaction and collecting vessels the Quickfit Microscale Kit provides a versatile approach to standard laboratory procedures.

Easy to Assemble

All components use a combination of standard Quickfit ground glass joints together with screwthread couplings, sealing 'O' rings and plastic screw caps.

The Quickfit Microscale Chemistry Kit is presented in a sturdy Gratnells tray with protective foam insert. Kit comprises:

• Air condenser

• Jacketed condenser

• Drying tube

• Still head

• Thermometer adapter

• Receiver

• 10mL Erlenmeyer flask

• 25mL Erlenmeyer flask

• 10mL Round Bottom flask

• 25mL Round bottom flask

• 10mL Pear shaped flask

• 25mL Pear shaped flask

• Bag of accessories including 5 x plastic caps, 5 x 'O' rings, 5 x sealing discs and 1 x thermometer accessories

GBP144.99 ex VAT
In stock

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