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Molymod Shapes of Molecules Set - Electron Repulsion Theory

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This set contains sufficient parts to make eight atomic models. Each model is an example of the different orientations of the bonds and cover co-ordination numbers 1 to 6. Lone pairs are represented by brown spheres or brown pear shaped parts. The latter is useful as protonated models of NH4+ and H3O+ may be built thus demonstrating Acid/Base theory.

Spheres: 1 carbon (4 holes), 1 oxygen (4 holes), 1 nitrogen (4 holes), 1 sulphur (6 holes), 1 phosphoros (5 holes), 1 chlorine (4 holes), 1 boron (3 holes), 1 metal (beryllium) (2 holes), 7 chlorine (1 holes), 9 fluorine (1 holes), 13 hydrogen, 6 circular lone pair orbitals, 6 pear shaped lone pair orbitals. Links: 26 grey pear shaped sigma bonds, 6 short links (to be used with circular lone pairs).

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