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Elemensus Board Game

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Elemensus™ is a unique letter and word game based around the Periodic Table of Elements. Elements are the building blocks, not just of everything in the Universe, but also now of words!

The game features 162 double-sided tiles, an Orion nebula board with word-star starting points, element tile racks, rules, a dice and a complete Periodic Table. The 162 tiles show a complete Periodic Table (plus some extra elements such as Oxygen (O), Thorium (Th), Einsteinium (Es) etc).

Each tile shows the element's group in colour, name, atomic number and abbreviation. These tiles can be used to make word-nebulas on the board. If the element can't be used in a word the flip-side of the tiles shows a full A-Z of Dark Matter – all that stuff that scientists are still looking for but haven't quite found yet.

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