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Digital Acceleration 1-Axis Sensor

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Product Description

The NEW 1-axis Acceleration sensor allows measurement of tangential acceleration in one direction.

The sensor works on two ranges: 3.3g with a resolution of 0.05g, and 10g with a resolution of 0.1g.

Acceleration is an important concept in kinematics, so being able to plot data from real systems is an excellent way to reinforce the concepts and test hypotheses.

Use a linear air track or dynamics trolley to find Newton’s second law empirically. Go on to make predictions based on Newton’s third law, and test them using colliding vehicles.

It is possible to compare the acceleration of different vehicles such as a bike and a car, and investigate negative acceleration and the effectiveness of the brakes fitted to a vehicle.

Measure the accelerations that a person is subject to in everyday life. Secure the sensor to someone’s belt and have them jump up and down. Have a group of students jostle the user around. You’ll be surprised how rough life can be!

Circular motion experiments can be done by students on roundabouts. Determine the relationship between centripetal acceleration and angular frequency or radius.

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