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Energy and Fuels Kit

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The kit consists of a Fuel Cell Car Kit and a Renewable Energy Education Set.

The Renewable Energy Science Kit demonstrates the workings of a clean energy technology system on a miniature scale. Power an electrical circuit by solar panel or a wind turbine with profiled blades based on NASA aeronautics. Horizon’s Fuel Cell Car Science Kit enables students to discover the principles behind the real-scale fuel cell vehicles currently being rolled out across the world. Generate hydrogen through water electrolysis and convert it into electricity using a PEM fuel cell, which then powers the car. The Fuel Cell Car is capable of driving itself - capable of negotiating obstacles independent of the user.

Whichever combination of technologies you want to explore, this science kit is a comprehensive introduction to the principles behind renewable microgrids.

Includes Full STEM Activity Materials for:

• Reversible electrolysis reactions

• Reaction rates

• Conservation of energy and energy transfer

• Renewable energy

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