World Soils Kit KIT

World Soils Kit KIT
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Product Description

For describing and defining the reference soil groups of the World Reference Base for Soil Resources. Use is made of soil characteristics, properties and horizons which are combined to define soils and their relationships. Soils are defined by the vertical combination of horizons, occurring within a defined depth, and by the lateral organisation ("sequence") of the soil horizons, or by the lack of them, at a scale reflecting the relief or a land unit.

Kit contains:

• Acrisol

• Andosol

• Calcisols

• Chernozem

• Durisol

• Ferralsol

• Gypsisol

• Nitisol

• Phaeozem

• Plinthosol – petroplinthite

• Solonchak

• Vertisol

GBP63.25 ex VAT

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