Agriculture Test Kit

Agriculture Test Kit
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Product Description

The Agriculture Test Kit makes it possible to measure pH and the most important elements for plant growth, that is, nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K).

The chemical composition of soil includes pH and chemical elements. Soil analysis is necessary for better management of fertilisation and to know the residues of fertilisers in relation to the crop, tillage and the most suitable plant choice for soil composition. An analysis can highlight shortages and help the understanding of the causes of an abnormal growth.

Testing the soil during each crop cycle and comparing the results with plant growth can be a useful experiment for subsequent cultivations.

Order information

The HI-3896 test kit is supplied with the following;

• 120 mL extraction solution x 2

• 70 mL pH indicator

• 75 powder packets (25 each for N,P & K)

• 1 mL pipettes x 3

• Test tubes x 5

• Test tube stand

• Spoon and brush

• Colour cards x 4

• Graduated card and handbook

GBP67.5 ex VAT

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