Wind Turbine Kit

Wind Turbine Kit
GBP130 ex VAT

Product Description

Developed in conjunction with the National Energy Foundation, the wind turbine kit offers a valuable insight into the production of electricity from wind energy. The kit offers the advantage of being able to measure electrical energy produced directly on a meter or using a datalogger.

Using the kit indoors with a desk fan or outdoors in the wind, investigations can be carried out by adjusting the number of blades used (any combination up to 12) or adjusting the pitch of the blades. The turbine also has a wind vane so will rotate to face the direction of the wind.

Study of the production of electricity can then be further extended by investigating the effect on gearing ratios between the turbine and the generator, using any of the five different combinations provided.

Kit includes:

• 1.5-6V wind generator

• Dual bench voltmeter/ammeter

• Motor, LED and buzzer module boxes

• 5 gearing options

• 6 propeller blades

• Robust storage case

• Comprehensive lesson plans (photocopiable)

GBP130 ex VAT

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