Grant Ultrasonic 3L Bath

Grant Ultrasonic 3L Bath
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Product Description

Ultrasonic 3L Bath - 3 Litre

• Excellent entry level ultrasonic baths

• Fast, effective, efficient, easy and safe cleaning and processing of diverse instruments, components and solutions

• Robust design offers outstanding durability and reliability

• Easy to operate and accurate control of cycle time via simple analogue controls. Easy to operate even when wearing gloves. (temperature control on XUBA3 only, XUBA1 is unheated)

• Time control 0-15 minutes

• Heated ambient +5ºC to 70ºC

• Ergonomic plastic lid - Reduces noise volume and minimises potential of aerosol escape

• Stainless steel basket - Designed specifically to generate maximum ultrasonic activity, prevent items resting on the tank and prevent operators coming into contact with chemical solutions

• Includes stainless steel basket, ABS plastic lid and one bottle of M2 Ultrasonic solution.

• Stainless steel basket and ABS plastic lid forms a drip collection unit to collect excess liquid when the basket is removed from tank

• W275 x L180 x H195mm

GBP494 ex VAT

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