Airone 1000RS Mobile Fume Cupboard

Airone 1000RS Mobile Fume Cupboard
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Product Description

The unit gives good flexibility and can be manoeuvred to different locations. An RS CMS schools filter is used to absorb the fumes generated during practical work. A pre filter is fitted to protect the filter and the filter and fan are housed in the base of the unit. A counterweighted front sash and clear laminated safety glass sides and rear provide 360º visibility ideal for demonstrations. The unit comes complete with an integral storage cupboard and fan failure monitoring system. The optional services are remote gas, electrical socket, and remote water service including drip cup, bottle trap and a 2m flexible drain hose.

• Airone 1000RS

• Complies to building bulletin 88 from the Department of Education and Employment

• Tested by CLEAPSS

• Designed to comply to BS 7989:2001


• Variable air volume (two speed)

• Fully mobile

• 360º visibility

• No ducting required

• Sliding front sash

• Fan failure monitoring

• Restraining stainless steel tether

• Integral storage cupboard


• Average inflow: 0.4m/s

• Minimum working aperture: 200mm high

• Maximum working aperture: 365mm high

• Voltage: 230V

• Size: 1000 x 700 x 1850mm (w x d x h)

• Internal dimensions: 840 x 500 x 865mm (w x d x h)

• Minimum working aperture: 200mm high

• Maximum working aperture: 365mm high

• Voltage: 230V 50Hz 1ph

• Filter type: RS CMS schools filter, a blended filter to meet the national curriculum needs for teaching science

Please note that the appearance of the product may differ from the models shown. If in doubt please contact customer services.

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