Safety Lab-Bubble

Safety Lab-Bubble
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Product Description

The Safety Bubble is a bench mounted fume hood system that performs to recognised fume hood containment standards EN 14175 and BS 7989.

This ensures protection for the user when handling hazardous chemicals. Laboratory air is drawn in through the front opening and carries airborne particulates and chemical vapours away from the user. Airborne contaminants are captured in a specially designed safe change filtration module. Clean air is then exhausted safely back into the laboratory saving on energy and facility costs.

• Performance: EN 14175 and BS 7989 Certified

• Airflow: 0.40m/s Face Velocity Factory Calibrated

• Alarm: Hot Wire Sensor -Audible/Visual

• Filtration: Combined HEPA/Activated Carbon Validated H14 Efficiency to EN 1822

• Filter Life: 2-3 Years Safe Change Design

• Power: 90-240V 1ph 50/60hz Load 1.0A

• Weight: 38kg

• Base: 10mm Chemically Resistant, Process Modified Polypropylene

• Top: 6mm Chemically Resistant, Impact Modified Acrylic

• Extract Unit Filter Module: White Powder Coated Steel

GBP4000 ex VAT

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