DA7C Pump

DA7C Pump
GBP474.75 ex VAT

Product Description

A quiet running diaphragm pump for pressure or vacuum work. Suitable for use with aquaria, aeration equipment or for providing a stream of gas for chemical reactions. The casing is totally enclosed and fully insulated to class II, ensuring maximum electrical safety (complies with BS5724). The inlet is provided with a removable filter. Supplied with mains lead.

• Diaphragm plates: stainless steel.

• Diaphragm: EPDM.

• Outlet pipe: 4mm OD Nylon.

• Inlet pipe: 4mm OD polypropylene.

• Valves and ‘O’ rings: Nitrile rubber.

• Max. free flow: 14 litres per min.

• Max. pressure at zero flow: 1.2 x 105 Pa.

• Motor type: shaded pole.

• Ultimate vacuum: 4.1 x 104 Pa.

• Power supply: 240V 50Hz 28W.

• Dimensions: 120 x 205 x 140mm.

• Mass: 2.75kg.

GBP474.75 ex VAT

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