Logbook Gle Inc. Software

Logbook Gle Inc. Software
GBP307.99 ex VAT

Product Description

The Logbook GLe with its graphics screen and built in temperature, light and sound sensors offers the most comprehensively featured Logbook to date.

Key features include:

• Graphics screen enables graphical visualisation of data during a recording and from saved files

• Direct USB connection to the computer

• Built in temperature, light and sound sensors - each sensor can be turned on and off individually

• Four channel input

• Auto sized meter and graph screens giving a large font meter for one and two channel use

• Simple five button operation

• Unique roll mode recording making many lab recordings even more simple

• Snapshot and Auto recording modes for remote recordings

• Extended memory option allowing remote recordings of up to 44,000 data points

GBP307.99 ex VAT

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