Logbook Starter Bundle Non Wireless - Pack of 18

Logbook Starter Bundle Non Wireless - Pack of 18
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Product Description

The perfect kit to get you started with our range of data loggers. This comprehensive set provides lots of opportunities to explore data logging in all areas of science. Plus the included DataDisc Explorer Software allows for both metering and recording from a number of combination sensors.


4x Logbook GLE Data Loggers (connection via USB cable)

1x Dual Range Force Sensor

1x Oxygen Atmospheric Sensor

1x CO2 Sensor

1x Pulse Sensor

1x Accelerometer Sensor

1x 10Amp Current Sensor

1x Humidity Sensor

1x Advanced Light Sensor

1x Advanced pH Sensor

1x Pressure Gauge Sensor

1x Sound Sensor

1x Temperature Sensor

1x High Temperature Sensor

1x 20V Voltage Sensor

GBP2084.99 ex VAT

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