SensorMeter Radioactive Count Rate

SensorMeter Radioactive Count Rate
£249.99 ex VAT

Product Description

The Radioactive Count Rate SensorMeter measures radioactive count rates from 2 to 1000 counts per second in three ranges. The SensorMeter has a quiet click sounder giving an indication of count rate which may be switched off if not required. The combined Geiger tube and connecting lead (supplied separately), enables the detection of alpha, beta and gamma radiation and is easily hand held or clamped at a set distance from the source. The Radioactive Count Rate SensorMeter has a BNC socket for connection of the System SM Geiger probe, supplied separately.


• Linearity: ±0.5% 20 to 1000 counts s-1 assuming best range is used

• Time constant: 3.3s or 0.33s switchable

• Readability: 0.4%

• Battery life: 40 hours constant use typical with PP3 Manganese Alkaline battery (Battery NOT included)


• Variation of rate with distance

• Absorption of radiation

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