Light Sensor Meter

Light Sensor Meter
GBP232 ex VAT

Product Description

The Light SensorMeter measures light intensity over a very wide range (from 0.1 to 100,000 lux) in five separate ranges in addition to a log range. The speed of response of the SensorMeter can be altered on the linear ranges enabling changes in light intensity which occur at intervals of less than 50μs to be detected. This can be used to record the 100Hz flicker of fluorescent lights. Conversely the slow setting can be used to cut out the interference from fluorescent light flickering. Supplied complete with a probe with an adjustable hood which can be used to vary the acceptance angle of the probe over a wide range. This is useful in studies where the direction of illumination is important.


• Spectral response: 400 - 700nm with optional IR filter, 400 - 1000 without filter

• Response time: Fast approx 50μs, Slow approx 50ms

• Readability: 0.01 lux on 10 lux range

• Battery life: 80 hours typical with PP3 Manganese Alkaline Battery (NOT Included)

• Accuracy: 15%

• Resolution: 0.2% (computer), 0.2% (display)

The Light SensorMeter can be used for investigations into:

• Inverse Square Law

• Rate of enzyme reaction (e.g. Starch and amylase)

• Photosynthesis in Chlorella

• Temperature and sugar concentration effects on yeast growth

GBP232 ex VAT

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