Logbook 3 Axis Accelerometer Sensor

Logbook 3 Axis Accelerometer Sensor
GBP129.99 ex VAT

Product Description

This sensor calculates the magnitude of the acceleration vector or the directional acceleration for the selected axis depending on the mode selected.


• 0 to 250ms-2 res 0.5ms-2

• 0 to 60ms-2 res 0.1ms-2

• 0 to 15ms-2 res 0.02ms-2

• X axis ±11.5ms-2 res 0.05ms-2

• Y axis ±11.5ms-2 res 0.05ms-2

• Z axis ±11.5ms-2 res 0.05ms-2

Minimum recommended recording interval is 1 second.

Also use this sensor to measure:

• Velocity

• Distance

Applications include:

• Study of Newton’s Laws (using dynamics cart)

• Motion acceleration in a vehicle

• Acceleration experienced by a person on a roller coaster

Only for use with Logbook Data Loggers.

GBP129.99 ex VAT

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