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Revised Combustion Apparatus

£149.99ex VAT
Code: B8H24841
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Product Description

Copper cylinder, 100 x 75mm diameter, the bottom of which is in the shape of a shallow re-entrant cone which forms the top of the combustion chamber. A spiral copper heat exchanger extends upwards through the cylinder, its outlet normally being connected to a condenser until using a filter pump to draw the products of combustion through the apparatus.

The cylinder is housed in an aluminium outer jacket, 122 x 100mm diameter, with a drop on cover having apertures to pass the outlet of the heat exchanger, the wire stirrer and a bored and split rubber, also supplied, to accommodate a thermometer. The outer jacket has three legs 37 mm long which, when the calorimeter is standing on the base unit, provide the combustion chamber space and the sides of which take the form of a circular Perspex shield with removable door.

Supplied without thermometer or condenser unit.

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