Antex XS-25 Tool Kit

Antex XS-25 Tool Kit
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Product Description

Tool kit featuring an Antex XS25 burn-proof silicone cabled iron, a variety of tools, and a digital multimeter. The tip fitted to the iron is a long life, iron plated Antex 50 bit (2.3mm). Iron power is 25 watts. CE approved.


• Mini cutters

• Mini pliers

• Screwdriver - flat blade

• Screwdriver - cross

• Tape measure 2m x 16mm

• Auto-lock blade

• Hex Allen Key set 1.5mm-6mm

• Desoldering pump

• 2 meter tube of lead-free solder

• Flat pack metal soldering iron stand

• XS25 230V iron with silicone cable

• Spare soldering bit 50 2.3mm

• Spare soldering bit 55 0.5mm

• Digital multimeter with battery

Size: 285 x 180 x 50mm

Weight: 900g.

GBP41.5 ex VAT
In stock

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