Chemistry Equipment Tray

Chemistry Equipment Tray
£152.99 ex VAT

Product Description

The set includes the below Chemistry Equipment contained in a blue Gratnells tray with lid:

• Molymod Inorganic Organic (Student) Set

• Molymod Inorganic Organic (Teachers) Set

• Blue Powder Free Nitrile Disposable Gloves, pack of 200

• Chattaways Spatula Stainless Steel, pack of 10

• Elementary Filters 110mm Diameter, pack of 100

• Universal Indicator Paper pH 1-14, pack of 10

• Wooden Splints Bundle, pack of 1000

• Chinagraph Pencil, pack of 12

• Stirring Rod Polypropylene Rounded, pack of 10

• Smart Putty

• Hydrogel 500g Bag

• Pocket Magnifier Mag x10 Low Abberation

• Stoppers Rubber Solid 13mm x 16mm, pack of 10

• Stoppers Rubber Solid 19mm x 22.5mm, pack of 10

• Stoppers Rubber One Hole 19mm x 225mm, pack of 10

• Stoppers Rubber Solid 31mm x 36mm, pack of 10

• Stoppers Rubber Two Hole 31mm x 36mm, pack of 10

• BIC Mega Lighter

• Cork Borers Set of 6

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