Ohaus Cr Balance 2200

Ohaus Cr Balance 2200
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Product Description

The Compass CR series provides basic weighing functionality and competitive performance at an

economical price. Features such as a slim, stackable design, and an enlarged weighing platform,

make the CR series perfect for a variety of portable weighing applications.

Standard Features:

• Basic Weighing at a Competitive Price

The Compass CR series is designed for basic weighing at a competitive price point, and is

ideal for use in kitchens, classrooms, offices and more. The Compass CR measures in whole

grams and has a maximum capacity of 2,200g.

• Space-Saving Stackable Design for Convenient Storage

The Compass CR series is specially designed for convenient storage. Its slim, space saving

design allows users to stack up to 4 scales, saving valuable storage space when the scale

is not in use.

• Enlarged Weighing Platform Allows for Versatile Use

With an enlarged weighing platform, the Compass CR series can adequately handle

a wide range of sample sizes. You will only need one scale on your counter for

basic weighing with the CR series.

GBP29.99 ex VAT
Out of stock

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