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Ohaus Traveler TA5000 Balance - 5000g x 1.0g

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Code: B8R01444
Unit: Each

Product Description

The Traveler™ Series was designed for basic routine weighing in education applications. With its unique draftshield that offers weigh-thru capability while being used and ‘stackability’ when being stored, USB or RS232 interface options for versatility in data transfer and a host of other features, Traveler offer great value for education.

• Weigh-Thru Draftshield

Traveler’s unique draftshield was designed with an easy to remove centrepiece that provides protection from rough environments while maintaining weighing speed.

• Stackable Draftshield

Traveler’s unique draftshield was designed with storage in mind, and allows the balances to be stacked away when not in use. The draftshield’s centre piece can also be removed and converts into a weigh boat when turned upside down.

• USB or RS232 Connectivity

Traveler was designed with easy-to-install interface options, which provide weight output to an OHAUS printer or PC

• Transportation lock to protect the balance’s weighing cell during transportation

• Calibration lock to avoid accidental changing of settings


Capacity: 5000g

Readability: 1.00g

Repeatability: 1.0g

Weighting Units: g, n

Stabilisation Time: 3 sec

Pan Size: 120 x 135mm

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