Analogue Melting Point

Analogue Melting Point
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Product Description

Designed for safety, accuracy and ease of operation, this compact, portable scientific instrument is an indispensable

bench top tool for determining the melting point of solid substances.

The dual heating block allows for up to a maximum of two samples to be tested simultaneously. A rotary knob is adjusted to vary the heating rates from 0°C/min to a maximum of 20°C/min to heat the sample to its melt temperature. The maximum temperature range is 380°C. The magnifying lens in the eyepiece aided by the illumination provided by a bright white led gives clear view of the sample during its melting phase.

This device is compliant to EN61010-2010 with certificates available on request.


• User Interface Rotary Knob

• Temperature Unit °C

• Operating Range Ambient Temperature to 380°C

• Heating Rates 1°C/min to a max of 20°C/min

• Electrical Supply 230V, 50Hz, 50W

• Cabinet Dimensions W185 x D220 x H176mm

• Net Weight 1.2kg

GBP532.95 ex VAT

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